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Ring In The Changes With A New Bed in 2019

As we get ready to ring in 2019, for many of us our thoughts are turning to setting New Year resolutions.

Whether it’s starting to lead a healthier lifestyle or committing to take on a new challenge, for many of us our new year resolutions can only mean one thing – sleeping better!

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Fall Back to Sleep on National Sleep In Day


As the evenings draw in autumn marks the beginning of our shorter days and darker nights. On Sunday 28th October the clocks go back giving way to cosy nights and hygge lifestyles.

Sunday also marks National Sleep In Day – The Sleep Council’s annual campaign that celebrates the extra hour we all get in bed.

Yes, it’s the one time in the year when we don’t need an excuse to have a lie-in. But do you know why the clocks go back? Continue reading

Six Tips To Help You Sleep Better During Menopause

Sleep Tips for Menopause

Today marks World Menopause Day held each year on the 18th October to raise awareness of midlife women’s health.

One of the many symptoms that women experience during the menopause is sleeplessness. For many, sleepless nights can be brought on by a number of different factors from restless legs to night sweats, depression to stress.

We’ve consulted the experts and put together our six top tips to help women deal with insomnia during the menopause.

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Six Foods to Help you Sleep Better

Getting the right amount of sleep helps us deal with the day ahead. Too little and we’re just not functioning at our best.

Of course, getting a good night’s sleep requires us to follow good lifestyle habits and to eliminate the factors that are causing disturbed sleep.

Avoiding foods and drinks that hinder sleep and adding some exercise into our daily routines all helps to aid more restful sleep. Eating certain foods may also help us sleep better.

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7 Tips for Buying a New Bed

How to keep cool on summer nights

With all this glorious sunshine, the feel good factor can be felt all around as people make the most of these balmy days with BBQs and soaking up the rays.

Of course, hot sunny days also mean hot sticky nights and – for many – disrupted sleep!

With the temperature set to rise even higher this week in Northern Ireland, it’s important to keep cool for a good night’s sleep.

Summer sleep tips

Follow the simple steps below to ensure you stay cool and comfortable and avoid a miserable and restless night in bed.

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7 Stress Busting Tips to Help You Sleep

7 Stress Busting Tips to Help You Sleep

Not all stress is bad, right?

You know the drill. It’s Sunday evening, you’re lying in bed just about to nod off when, pop!, you’ve just joined the wide awake club.

Whether it’s work, family, financial or health worries, all these stressful thoughts can make it difficult to fall asleep, and even stay asleep!

If stress is really that bad for our sleep, what can we do to make it better?

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Three Steps to a Better Night’s Sleep

Three Steps to Better Sleep

Research shows that more and more of us are not getting enough sleep. In fact, 33% of us get by on less than 6 hours slumber a night!

Given that a lack of sleep can cause problems with our mental and physical health, it’s worth establishing a few new ground rules for a better night’s sleep. Continue reading

Fall Back…to Sleep!

A Guide to Vacuum Packed Mattresses

As the evenings draw in and the mornings become increasingly darker, autumn marks the beginning of our shorter days. And with the clocks going back this weekend, Sunday 26th October, it’ll not be too long before we’re waking up in the dark, and travelling home in the dark too.

One consolation in all this gloomy nighttime talk of course is that precious extra hour we’ll get in bed. Yes, it’s the one time in the year when we don’t need an excuse to have a lie-in. But did you know that that extra 60 minutes of slumber is not just a guilty pleasure but it is actually good for you?

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Things That Go Bump In The Night

It’s late and we are sleepy,
The air is cold and still.
Our jack-o-lantern grins at us
Upon the window sill.
We’re stuffed with cake and candy
And we’ve had a lot of fun,
But now it’s time to go to bed
And dream of all we’ve done.
We’ll dream of ghosts and goblins
And of witches that we’ve seen,
And we’ll dream of trick-or-treating
On this happy Halloween.

Halloween Night 

We love Halloween in this house. Today the kids have been carving their pumpkins with Dad. We’ve spent the last week decorating the house with all sorts of cardboard cutout ghouls and ghosts. We’ve had the fancy dress Halloween disco in school and now finally that Halloween night has arrived, we’ll be up and down our neighbourhood  ‘trick or treating’.

Of course, all this excitement has a flip side. When the witching hour approaches (that’s bedtime in parents’ language) it’ll be a whole different kind of fun and games! It’ll be “I’m scared mummy. I can’t sleep” or “My tummy hurts” or, as mummy hears, “I’ve ate too many sweeties”. But hey, it’s only one night in the year and it’s great festive fun. However, if you do find it difficult to get the children off to sleep tonight, check out our sleep tips and maybe it won’t be all ‘things that go bump in the night’!

Tips for helping children to sleep

  1. Try and limit the amount of treats your little ones eat this Halloween night. Difficult I know, but too many sugary foods and treats before bedtime can play havoc with sleep routines.
  2. If you have an established bedtime routine try and be consistent. Not easy to do at this time of year with all those Halloween parties to attend but, where possible, aim to keep the same bed time as you would on other nights.
  3. If your child is easily spooked by all the ghost & ghouls paraphernalia that is ever present at this time of year, create as restful bedroom environment as you can. Turn on a night light so that if they wake they are comforted by this.
  4.  Try a milky drink before bed. It will not only help your child sleep but it may also help settle their tummies after all those treats.
  5. Read a bedtime story to help soothe them and, if they like it, play some soothing background music to help them nod off.
  6. Finally, aim to wake your child up at the same time each morning to reinforce their night-time and morning routine


We at Dalzell’s would like to wish you all a very spooktastic Halloween!

What to do next

If you are worried about your child’s sleep it may be helpful to talk to your Health Visitor or GP regarding your concerns. At Dalzell’s of Markethill our expert staff are on-hand to advise on any sleep needs you or your family have. As an accredited Sleep Council retailer, we take your concerns seriously and will provide you with the best advice on beds, mattresses and bedding to suit your particular circumstances. Visit us in-storecall 028 3755 1260email or go online where you’ll find lots of information on getting a good night’s sleep. A short drive from Lisburn and located conveniently between Armagh and Newry, we’re perfectly placed to accommodate your new bed purchase. What’s more, we provide a Free Collection and Recycling of Your Old Bed service and Free Delivery of your New Bed throughout our Free Delivery Zone, which extends across Northern Ireland, and Counties Louth, Monaghan and Dublin, in the rest of Ireland. We’ll also unpack and set-up your New Divan Bed in a room of your choosing and dispose of all the packaging.