Three Steps to a Better Night’s Sleep

Three Steps to Better Sleep

Research shows that more and more of us are not getting enough sleep. In fact, 33% of us get by on less than 6 hours slumber a night!

Given that a lack of sleep can cause problems with our mental and physical health, it’s worth establishing a few new ground rules for a better night’s sleep.

Ho to Get a Better Night's Sleep

Three steps to a great night’s sleep

Step 1 – Log Off to Nod Off

Technology in the bedroom is a no no if you want to catch up on those essential Zzzzz’s. Smartphones, laptops, tablets and TVs are all major culprits for keeping us awake at night.

We know that technology stimulates the brain and body – the opposite of what we want to happen at bedtime. Increased brain activity, raised cortisol levels and reduced melatonin levels all contribute to sleep stealing.

Technology and Sleep

Remember – switch off those gadgets to prevent getting overtired from being ‘over wired’!

Step 2 – Set the Scene for Better Dreams 

It’s not just the ‘racing mind’ that’s causing the Nation’s sleeplessness. Bodily discomfort, noise, partner disruption, room temperature and light levels are all factors affecting our shuteye.

Our bedroom should be an oasis of calm and tranquility; an uncluttered place to retreat and devote to the land of dreams.

Perfect Sleep Enviornment

Maintaining the right temperature and light, free from distractions and gadgets, and housing a welcoming, supportive bed; these are all key ingredients to getting the perfect night’s kip.

Step 3 – Bigger Beds are Better 

Partner disturbance is often cited as a reason for our lack of sleep. Considering a standard size UK double bed gives each person a bed width the size of a baby’s cot, is it any wonder we’re sleeping like a tot – or not, as the case may be!

It’s fair to say larger beds are more comfortable, and we are less likely to disturb one another when we’ve enough room to spread out and turn in bed.

Dalzells Bed Specialists

A King Size Bed or Super King is ideal for a sleeping couple and definitely worth the investment.

A Better Sleep Deal!

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