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What Are Your Sleep Goals This Sleeptember?

Sleeptember is a month-long campaign dedicated to the serious business of sleep. And we say serious because sleep is essential to our health and wellbeing.

Too many of us report problems with our sleep from not being to get to sleep or stay asleep to more serious conditions such as sleep apnea and insomnia.

But why is sleep so important to our health? We’ll look at how by setting some simple sleep goals you can turn around any bad sleeping patterns for good. Read on to find out how.

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How To Create A Restful Sleeping Environment For Your Child

How To Create A Restful Sleeping Environment For Your Child

With the kids back to school this week and next, getting sleep routines back on track has been at the forefront of many parents’ minds.

This last few months have seen routines go out the window, and the struggle to get children to go to bed and wake on time is real. Establishing a good sleep routine is one thing but ensuring that your child’s bedroom environment is restful is as essential as addressing any sleep issues.

So, how do you create the ideal sleep space to help your child get a great night’s sleep?

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Does Light Affect Sleep?

For many of us waking up when it’s light and going to bed when it is dark is a familiar sleeping pattern. Indeed, lots of us have invested in blackout blinds for this very reason to prevent light streaming into our bedrooms when the summer months come along.

But did you know that many other types of light could be robbing of us of our beauty sleep?

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Is My Teen Sleeping Too Much?

With the news that schools are reopening, unsurprisingly, parents up and down the country are wondering how they are going to get their teens’ sleep routines back in check.

From going to bed late to sleeping in all morning, teenagers sleep schedules have been knocked out of line this past few months. It’s thought the average time that young people sleep is about 7 hours a night, well below what they should be.

So, how much sleep do teens need?

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Sleep Tips

Three Ways To Better Sleep For The Over 50s

It’s often assumed that as we age, we need less sleep. The reality is that the quality of our sleep and our sleep patterns change as we get older; from needing to go to bed earlier and waking during the night to dozing during the day. There are changes, however, that are not the norm.

Insomnia, prolonged problems with sleeplessness and feeling tired all the time should be issues of concern. Lack of sleep can lead to long term health problems such as diabetes, weight gain, mental health issues and cardiovascular disease.

So how can older people get a better night’s sleep?

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How Much Sleep Do Children Need At Night?

A recent article in the Guardian quotes The Millpond Clinic as saying they are having an increased number of calls from parents worried about their children’s sleep. Of particular concern is that children are going to bed later and waking up later.

This study echoes previous research conducted by The Sleep Council in April. It found that the Coronavirus is having a profound effect on people’s sleep. Nearly 43% of the survey respondents are finding it harder to fall asleep. And three-quarters of people experience unease around the current situation which is having an effect on sleep,

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Sleep Better With A New Bed

Is Sleeping Apart The New Norm?

The trend for couples sleeping apart appears to show no sign of abating. According to a recent Sleep Council survey, some 15% of people said that they sleep apart. And it’s not just for the occasional night. Sleep Divorce is on the rise!

Couples sleep apart more now than they did a decade ago. In fact, the number of people sleeping separately to their partner has more than doubled in the past ten years.

The Sleep Council’s report found that of those couples that are choosing to sleep alone, 38% have slept apart for more than five years.

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Sherborne Electric Beds

Four Tips On Choosing An Adjustable Bed

For anyone thinking about purchasing an adjustable bed, there are lots of models in the market nowadays. Electric beds have come a long way from the old-style hospital bed.

Knowing what to look for when buying an electric adjustable bed is an important consideration. You need to consider the type, designs available and the size of the bed you’ll need – also, the cost and your budget, and whether you need a special mattress or adaptations.

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Will an Adjustable Bed Stop Snoring?

Although snoring is a common complaint, it can be particularly disruptive to you or your partner’s sleep. It’s widely believed that half the population snore at some time in their life, with more men in Ireland snoring than women.

Although snoring can be caused by sleep apnoea, it’s usually because of lifestyle factors such as being overweight, smoking, drinking too much alcohol or sleeping on your back.

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5 Steps to Better Sleep

Sleep Tips

If the current Coronovirus situation is playing havoc with your sleep routine, then you’re not alone.

People all over the world are reporting that they can’t get to sleep or are waking up during the night unable to go back to sleep.

Sleepless nights make us more irritable and anxious, and prolonged lack of sleep can contribute to a low immune system and depression.

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