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Seven Reasons Why A Bigger Bed Is Better

Does your partner wake you in the night by stealing the bedclothes or hogging your side of the bed? Do you wake up feeling groggy as if you haven’t slept?

Did you know that partner disturbance is one of the most common complaints we hear when people come to the bed store? That, and customers asking what size of bed is best. And the answer is always the same; when it comes to beds, a bigger bed is better.

So, why should we size up our beds?

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Is My Teen Sleeping Too Much?

With the news that schools are reopening, unsurprisingly, parents up and down the country are wondering how they are going to get their teens’ sleep routines back in check.

From going to bed late to sleeping in all morning, teenagers sleep schedules have been knocked out of line this past few months. It’s thought the average time that young people sleep is about 7 hours a night, well below what they should be.

So, how much sleep do teens need?

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How Often Should You Buy A New Mattress?

If you’ve been asking yourself when is a good time to change your mattress, it usually means it is time! A bed that no longer gives you the right amount of support or comfort could be causing you sleepless nights.

It’s a general rule of thumb that we change our mattress every seven to eight years. We spend a third of our life in bed; buying the right mattress is a serious investment in our sleep hygiene.

Knowing when it’s time to change is the crucial deciding factor. We’ve put together a list of things to look for below.

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What Is The Best Way To Buy A Bed?

With lockdown limiting movement and many of us having been confined to home more than usual, many people’s thoughts have turned to changing their bed.

Like all responsible retailers, we at Dalzell’s are making sure our customers and staff are at the forefront of our minds when it comes to safety.

We’ve implemented new measures in-store, and our delivery drivers are taking all the appropriate health and safety precautions when delivering your new bed. What’s more, we’ve systems in place to ensure that customers can purchase their new mattress with confidence.

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Signs That You Need a New Bed

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When you’re waking up with aches and pains and your bed has become worn and lumpy, it’s usually a sign that it’s past its best and it’s time for a new one.

Buying a new bed is a long term investment. Considering the average lifespan of a mattress is around seven years, it’s worth spending as much as you can afford to get a good quality, comfortable bed.

Before you do, though, arm yourself with all the necessary information to make the right choice.

We’ve put together this handy guide on what to look for when buying a new bed.

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