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Fall Back…to Sleep!

A Guide to Vacuum Packed Mattresses

As the evenings draw in and the mornings become increasingly darker, autumn marks the beginning of our shorter days. And with the clocks going back this weekend, Sunday 26th October, it’ll not be too long before we’re waking up in the dark, and travelling home in the dark too.

One consolation in all this gloomy nighttime talk of course is that precious extra hour we’ll get in bed. Yes, it’s the one time in the year when we don’t need an excuse to have a lie-in. But did you know that that extra 60 minutes of slumber is not just a guilty pleasure but it is actually good for you?

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Celebrate National Sleep In Day with a Lie In!

As a parent of small children it’s not often I get a chance of a lie-in but with next Sunday, 27th October marking National Sleep In Day – the day that we can turn back our clocks by an hour – you never know, it might just happen!

Northern Ireland Sleep Habits

According to a major report published by The Sleep Council, the average person in Northern Ireland has less sleep than the rest of the population in the United Kingdom averaging just 6hrs 19 minutes of sleep per night.

Some 46% of people reported that worry or stress was keeping them awake at night, and scarily, 26% have used alcohol as a remedy to help them get to sleep.

So how do we ensure we get that all important sleep, never mind that all too precious lie-in?

Top Tips on Getting a Lie-in

  • As National Sleep In Day falls at the weekend we can justify turning off those alarm clocks next Sunday morning and allow our bodies to wake naturally. If you’re getting enough sleep, you should wake up naturally without an alarm. If you need an alarm clock to wake up on time, it may be that you need to go to bed earlier.
  • Turn off gadgets and phones so you have no background stimulation to interfere with your sleep. Many people also rely on the alarm clock on their mobiles to wake them up – make sure it’s turned off just in case!
  • If you have blackout blinds or curtains it’s best to have them closed tight and drawn to prevent daylight from seeping through. Even a little bit of morning light can wake the drowsiest of sleepers.
  • Is your bed preventing you from having a good night’s sleep? If your bed is too hard, or too soft, it might be stopping you from experiencing a deep slumber. Not sure if your bed is giving you the proper support? Take the Bed M.O.T. and find out.
  • With the colder nights coming back we’re tempted to turn up the thermostats to keep the chill out. Temperatures around 12-13°C (53-55°F) are usually too cool to be able to drop off. Conversely, anything over 24°C is more likely to cause restlessness. Bedroom temperatures should be between 16-18°C but if you you like your bed to be a bit warmer why not try an electric blanket to take the edge off – cheap to run too!
  • Of course you can always layer up your bed with duvets and pillows for extra snuggly comfort. Or dig out those bed socks and keep your feet from feeling the autumn chill!
  • Avoid alcohol the night before. Not only will it  interrupt your sleep later in the night but it will play havoc with sleep patterns.


What to do next

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