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King Koil ICA Approved Mattresses at Dalzells

The King Koil brand has long been synonymous with manufacturing specialist back care products. And over the years, King Koil beds have retained their popularity with our customers here at Dalzell’s.

Through its commitment to continued research and development in association with the International Chiropractors Association (ICA), King Koil is at the forefront of designing orthopaedic mattresses to help alleviate back pain as well as providing a sublime night’s sleep.

So, why are King Koil beds so good?

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What Goes Into Your HandCrafted King Koil Bed?

A long time best seller at Dalzell’s, King Koil beds are a popular choice with our customers over the years. King Koil is at the forefront of sleep technology through its commitment to continued research and development in association with the International Chiropractors Association.

A proven back care bed specialist, each King Koil mattress is specially made to incorporate a re-inforced spring system that provides targeted back care support. The mattress construction includes high strength spring wire, a support frame system and reinforced border edges all working together to give you a great night’s sleep.

So, what goes into your new King Koil bed?

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Benefits of King Koil Extended Life Beds

King Koil Extended Life Beds at Dalzells

Our sleep health is affected by many things. From our sleeping position, weight distribution and the support provided by our beds to our body’s natural spinal curvature.

Sleeping on an uncomfortable bed could cost us up to one hour’s sleep a night. Multiply that by four weeks, and that’s a staggering one day’s sleep lost to sleeping on an unsupportive bed. That’s why King Koil has worked with the International Chiropractors Association over many years to bring the King Koil World Extended Life Collection of beds and mattresses and the best sleep solutions to you.

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The Best Sleep Positions For Back Pain

Sleeping on a saggy, uncomfortable bed could not only cost you up to an hour’s sleep a night but it also could be contributing to your back problem. Ideally, your mattress should mould to your body; too soft and your body will slouch which could result in back pain; too firm and your hips and shoulders pressure points could feel discomfort.

The way you sleep may also be causing you pain. By adapting your sleep position you can help relieve some of the symptoms experienced when sleeping. We look at various sleep positions and work out what’s best for your back.

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King Koil Extended Life Beds at Dalzells

7 Tips to Ease Back Pain When Sleeping

This Back Care Awareness Week we’re reminded that approximately four out of every five adults will experience back pain at some stage in their life.

Whilst there are many physical and psycho-social factors that contribute to back pain – heavy physical work, frequent bending, twisting, lifting, obesity, stress, anxiety and depression – it’s worth remembering that a good supportive bed has an important role to play in relieving back pain.

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