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How To Design Your Bedroom For a Great Night’s Sleep

When thinking about refreshing our bedroom decor or going for a completely new look, did you know that there’s more to designing the space than just choosing bedding and paint?

Our sleep environment is an integral part of establishing good sleep hygiene. And by that, we mean everything from the colour scheme, temperature and scents to the bed we sleep in should be carefully considered.

We spend a third of our lives sleeping, so our bedrooms must be a place of relaxation. Read on to find out more about the importance of design in your room decor.

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Six Tips To Help You Sleep Better During Menopause

Sleep Tips for Menopause

Today marks World Menopause Day held each year on the 18th October to raise awareness of midlife women’s health.

One of the many symptoms that women experience during the menopause is sleeplessness. For many, sleepless nights can be brought on by a number of different factors from restless legs to night sweats, depression to stress.

We’ve consulted the experts and put together our six top tips to help women deal with insomnia during the menopause.

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Three Steps to a Better Night’s Sleep

Three Steps to Better Sleep

Research shows that more and more of us are not getting enough sleep. In fact, 33% of us get by on less than 6 hours slumber a night!

Given that a lack of sleep can cause problems with our mental and physical health, it’s worth establishing a few new ground rules for a better night’s sleep. Continue reading

How Much Sleep Do We need?

The National Sleep Foundation has produced new guidelines on how much sleep we need throughout our life.  Along with a multi-disciplinary expert panel, the NSF revised the recommended sleep ranges for all six children and teen age groups.

Even though sleep patterns are individual, ie there’s no magic number, the new NSF guidelines show us the amount of time a person should sleep, according to their age.

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Summer Solstice Sleep Tips

Summer Solstice

People from all over the UK and Ireland rose early today to celebrate Summer Solstice. Celebrated for thousands of years, the longest day of the year is when we have the most sunlight and heralds the start of summer in the northern hemisphere.

With all this glorious sunshine the feel good factor can be felt all around as people make the most of these balmy days with BBQs and sun bathing aplenty. Of course, long hot days also mean hot sticky nights and, for many, disrupted sleep. So how can you get the most of the longest day, enjoy the sunshine and still get your sleep?

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How to Create the Perfect Sleep Environment

The Perfect Sleep Environment

Did you wake up this morning feeling refreshed? If not, you’re not alone. According to the recently published Great British Sleep Survey, people from Northern Ireland are considered among the ‘Worst Sleepers’ in the UK.

What Keeps us Awake?

Citing bodily discomfort, noise, partners, room temperature and light levels as the top five physical factors affecting sleep, “the racing mind” was considered the main cause of Sleeplessness. Affecting us both emotionally and physically, Sleep Deprivation significantly contributes to daytime fatigue and lack of concentration.

What Sleep Advice is Available?

Fortunately though, organisations such as The Sleep Council are here to help, and as a certified member of The Sleep Council, Dalzell’s of Markethill are fully trained to offer expert bed, mattress and sleep advice to our customers.  Or why not check out our Bed and Mattress Buyers Guides at Armagh Beds.com Still unsure if your Bed or Bedroom is giving you the Quality Sleep you deserve? Read on for some top tips  to creating the perfect sleep environment from sleep expert, Kathleen McGrath.

 Top Tips for the Perfect Sleep Environment:

  1. Just the Right Temperature – between 16 and 18 degrees centigrade. Feeling too hot or too cold in the night can lead to restless sleep and wakefulness.
  2. Kept dark. Light is a common sleep ‘robber’ so investing in a good pair of well lined curtains which keep the Light Out and the Room Dark can be really helpful.
  3. Free from Distractions. So lose the laptop, the mobile, the computer games, the television and anything else that is likely to distract from the serious business of sleep!
  4. Comfortable. And central to comfortable is a Good Supportive Bed – the bigger the better (for less partner disturbance) and as good as the budget can stretch to: we spend a third of our life in bed so why compromise on the cost of a good night’s sleep?
  5. Relaxing. The bedroom should be an oasis of Calm and Tranquility – uncluttered and devoted to the land of dreams.

What To Do Now…

As a certified member of The Sleep Council, Dalzell’s of Markethill takes your health and sleep needs seriously.  We want to make sure that you are getting the maximum benefit from your bed and mattress ensuring you years of restful, quality sleep.  At Armagh Beds.com we have produced a series of Bed and Mattress Buyers Guides so that you are assured of making the right choice for your individual comfort and support needs. Or why not Visit in-store today at Dalzells, your local Bedding Experts in N. Ireland. You’ll find us in Markethill’s Main Street with convenient free on-street parking, that’s just off the A28 between Armagh and Newry, a short 20 minute drive from Banbridge or Dungannon and 45 minutes from Lisburn down the M1. You can of course always place your order and gain expert advice from our experienced team over the phone on 028 3755 1260 or even by Email. However you decide to shop with us you can be assured of Expert AdviceA Great Deal and Free Delivery of your Bed or Mattress throughout N. Ireland and Counties Monaghan, Louth and Dublin City, with highly competitive rates available across the rest of the UK and Ireland.