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Seven Reasons Why A Bigger Bed Is Better

Does your partner wake you in the night by stealing the bedclothes or hogging your side of the bed? Do you wake up feeling groggy as if you haven’t slept?

Did you know that partner disturbance is one of the most common complaints we hear when people come to the bed store? That, and customers asking what size of bed is best. And the answer is always the same; when it comes to beds, a bigger bed is better.

So, why should we size up our beds?

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King Koil ICA Approved Mattresses at Dalzells

The King Koil brand has long been synonymous with manufacturing specialist back care products. And over the years, King Koil beds have retained their popularity with our customers here at Dalzell’s.

Through its commitment to continued research and development in association with the International Chiropractors Association (ICA), King Koil is at the forefront of designing orthopaedic mattresses to help alleviate back pain as well as providing a sublime night’s sleep.

So, why are King Koil beds so good?

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What Goes Into Your HandCrafted King Koil Bed?

A long time best seller at Dalzell’s, King Koil beds are a popular choice with our customers over the years. King Koil is at the forefront of sleep technology through its commitment to continued research and development in association with the International Chiropractors Association.

A proven back care bed specialist, each King Koil mattress is specially made to incorporate a re-inforced spring system that provides targeted back care support. The mattress construction includes high strength spring wire, a support frame system and reinforced border edges all working together to give you a great night’s sleep.

So, what goes into your new King Koil bed?

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Is Your Mattress Affecting Your Sleep?

Many of us are now familiar with the link from poor sleep to health issues. But how many of us realise that it could be our mattress to blame for a bad night’s sleep?

A bed that provides the right amount of support, comfort and room to move is less likely to keep us awake at night and cause partner disturbance. So, how can you tell whether your mattress is up to scratch?

Read on for advice on how your mattress affects your sleep.

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Hestia Motion Adjustable Beds Available at Dalzells

The Hestia® Motion Brand is part of the Furmanac collection of adjustable beds. Based in the UK, Furmanac has over fifty years of expertise in manufacturing luxurious handmade mattresses, divans and headboards.

Their brands include Hestia®, Hestia® Motion, Hestia® Upholstered Bed Frames, MiBed® and MiChair® collections.

The Hestia® Motion Brand combines the success of the market leading adjustable MiBed® brand with the luxury of the Hestia® collection.

Find out more about this luxurious adjustable bed brand collection below.

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Hestia Upholstered Beds Now At Dalzells

The Hestia® collection of sumptuously upholstered bedsteads has landed at Dalzell’s, and we couldn’t be happier.

This stunning range of handmade bed frames has been lovingly designed and crafted at Furmanac’s Midlands factory in the UK. The collection offers a choice of twenty one beautifully designed beds styled for modern or traditional design tastes.

Find out more about the Hestia® upholstered bed frame collection below.

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What Goes Into Your Furmanac Handmade Bed?

Furmanac is the UK’s largest adjustable bed manufacturer and maker of divan beds, upholstered bed frames, bedroom furniture and chairs.

Its fantastic range of brands includes Hestia®, Hestia® Motion, and Hestia® Upholstered Bed Frames, as well as its superb selection of adjustable products, including the popular MiBed® and MiChair® collections.

Handmade in the UK and NBF approved, Furmanac’s range of adjustable beds, bedsteads and divans provide excellent levels of comfort combined with luxurious styling.

So, what goes into making your Furmanac Bed?

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Benefits of a Hestia Latex Mattress

Naturally allergen free and extremely comfortable, latex mattresses offer many great benefits. The aerated, self-ventilated open cell interior of a Latex mattress helps to disperse body moisture helping to maintain a consistently fresh and dry feel.

Providing optimal temperature and moisture control, the Hestia® Latex Mattress range uses 100% pure Latex. Made using the highest quality of natural fillings combined with hand nested pocket springs, Hestai Mattresses provide the ultimate comfortable and supportive mattress.

Find out more about this stunning range below.

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Enjoy A Mightier Sleep with Kaymed’s Mighty Bed

Are you looking for a firmer feel mattress for a better night’s sleep? Well, look no further than the Kaymed Mighty Bed™.

Specially designed with extra deep layers of upholstery for superb comfort and support the Mighty Bed is engineered to accommodate heavier weights comfortably.

Also known as the Extended Life Mattress, find out more how this firm feel bed provides excellent support.

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Kaymed iKool For A Cooler Night’s Sleep

The Kaymed iKool™ range of roll up mattresses offer flexibility, breathability and superb support for a cooler night’s sleep.

Incorporating iKool™ Gel Memory Foam, Kaymed’s expertise in gel technology is world-renowned. Voted Bed Manufacturer of the Year in 2012, Kaymed has led the way in innovating bed technology.

So why choose iKool?

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