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4'6 Mattress Toppers Belfast Northern Ireland

Notable Products 

A good quality double mattress toppers will add an extra level of comfort to your mattress with some models providing extra support by moulding to the shape of the body.

Available in a range of types including memory foam, latex, natural fillings and synthetic models, 4'6" mattress toppers are designed to snugly fit the bed so it's important to buy the right size.

The Breasley Flexcell 4' 6" Mattress Topper is made from 100% memory foam and features a removable ‘Coolmax’ cover. This dual action topper is 60mm deep and gives you a choice of sleeping surface – smooth on one side, or a nodular surface on the reverse which adjusts to your every move and allows air to circulate.

Natural-filled toppers incorporate a range of fillings from duck and goose feathers though to cottons and silks and will provide a luxurious soft feel. Memory foam, gel and latex toppers are a luxury product and will provide body contouring support combined with breathable and hypoallergenic qualities. 

Varying in thickness and density mattress toppers are only as good as the base they’re placed on so if your mattress sags or is too old, it can diminish its ability to provide the proper support.

4'6 Mattress Toppers Dublin Ireland

Additional Information 

Retailing leading mattress topper brands including Kaymed's iKool double mattress toppers, we recommend you visit Dalzell's for expert advice from our staff where we'll be only too happy to advise on which 4'6" mattress topper best suits your needs. What's more, when you purchase from us we provide free delivery throughout N. Ireland and across Dublin, Monaghan and Louth, with competitive rates available for the rest of Ireland.

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