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Sweet Dreams Troy Bunk Beds

The Sweet Dreams Troy Bunk Beds are Sturdy Metal Triple Sleeper Bunks featuring a Top Single Bed with a Double Sofa Bed underneath. more...

Sweet Dreams Madrid Single Sofabed

The Sweet Dreams Madrid Single Sofabed converts into a Single Futon Bed with a Smooth Solo Pull-out Action. Complete with castors for more...

Futons Belfast Northern Ireland

Notable Futons

Perfect for guests staying over, a child’s room or study, futons dual seating and bed functions make them ideal space saving solutions. When choosing the best futon for your needs determine how much room you have, and how often it will be used.

There are a number of key features to consider when buying a new futon: the frame usually made from wood, metal, or a combination of both; the futon mattress, and the futon cover. Metal frame futons are durable and tend to less expensive than wooden models. Wooden frames are made from good quality wood and come in a range of different finishes, from stained wood to natural finishes.

The two main types of futon frames are trifold, which is folded twice and uses the width of the mattress as the sofa; and a bifold which is folded once and uses the length of the mattress as a seating area. Bi-fold futons usually have arms and legs similar to a regular sofa, and may incorporate rollers or glides allowing the frame to be converted from the sitting position to the sleeping position smoothly. Tri-fold futons fold three times instead of two, and come with either legs or sit directly on the floor.

The Sweet Dreams Washington Sofa Bed is a futon-style double sofa bed with a smooth solo pull-out action mechanism. Stables as a chair and sofa bed, this model features a metal frame with a silver finish to 

The futon mattress, serves two functions: sitting and sleeping. A higher quality futon will offer years of comfort and support for both sitting and sleeping pleasure. Mattress fillings vary but usually come combine cotton and polyester; cotton and foam, or an innerspring construction.

The Sweet Dreams Madrid Chair Bed is a stable and firm chair that converts into a single bed with a smooth solo action. Complete with a four-layer futon mattress in a range of fabrics, this futon-style chair bed has wheels for ease of movement. 

The futon cover which you can coordinate with your décor comes in many different fabrics and colours. Many futon covers have the added convenience of being fully removable so they can be sponged down or machine washed.

Futons Dublin Ireland

Futons At Dalzells

Retailing a great selection of futons make Dalzell’s of Markethill your first choice when shopping for a guest bed solution. What's more, as your local, independent bedding store, we appreciate your business, so we provide free delivery across N. Ireland and Counties Cavan, Meath, Monaghan, Louth and Dublin (daily services to Dublin and Belfast) with competitive rates throughout the rest of Ireland.

Jay-Be Futons Belfast Northern Ireland

Notable Jay-Be Futons

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