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6' Mattress Protectors Belfast Northern Ireland

Notable Products 

Mattress protector are designed to protect your bed against soiling and general wear and tear and will keep your mattress fresher and cleaner for longer.

Enclosing your mattress similarly to a fitted sheet, super king size mattress protectors are available in a range of fabric types and help provide an important health function for allergy sufferers. Hypoallergenic bed protectors will prevent dust mites from irritating the sleeper and help keep your new bed allergen-free, or prevent existing allergens from being present in older bedding. .

Mattresses tend of be made from absorbent materials and liquids that seep into them can leave stains. A 6' waterproof mattress protector stops these particles from being released from the mattress, and stops any moisture getting into the mattress. What’s more, many mattress protectors are machine washable and tumble dry safe so they can be used time and time again to keep your bed clean, fresh and dry.

6' Mattress Protectors Dublin Ireland

Additional Information 

For all your bedding needs visit Dalzell's of Markethill where we retail a great selection of mattress protectors from leading brands including Protect-A-Bed. When you buy a super king size mattress protector from us we will provide free delivery throughout Northern Ireland and across Counties Dublin, Louth and Monaghan. We appreciate your business!

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