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Wed, 2014-02-19 10:31
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A double gel mattresses generally combines gel with traditional mattress fillings such as springs, memory foam or natural upholstery layers. Due to is flexibility, gel can be infused or in some instances layered within the mattress to create a different feel to that of the traditional memory foam products.

Unique in their heat sensitive properties, 4' 6" gel mattresses draw heat away from the sleep surface and help keep the temperature balanced all night long. The Kaymed Gel Sublime 4' 6" Mattress combines a deep layer of Kaymed's exclusive K3Gel™ deep layer for improved cooling and pressure soothing comfort with a high-density Visco memory foam layer for exceptional comfort. Foam wall encased for edge to edge support and 20% more sleep space, this gel mattress incorporates KayTex™ firm support foam for even all over body support.

Similar to memory foam, gel can help prevent pressure point build-up, and relieve any back, shoulder or hip pains experienced when sleeping; and as it is antimicrobial and hypoallergenic, it is ideal for people with allergies.

The RespaGel Sleep Supreme 4' 6" Mattress is part of Respa's new RespaGel Collection which release pressure with a CoolCell foam layer: the CoolCell layer yields to body parts where added support is required. Combining a RespaTech spring system with a 3D knitted mattress lid with integrated RespaGel for optimal thermo regulation, this luxurious gel mattress features one layer of Respa’s unique and instantly reactive CoolCell foam for a supportive and healthy sleep.

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