Types Of Mattress And Bed Upholstery

Types Of Mattress And Bed Upholstery

Mattresses have developed significantly over the years with new technologies and innovations, at first glance they may look broadly similar but there are many different types of mattresses and upholstered beds to choose from. 

Mattress Ticking

Micro Quilt Fabric

Mattresses come in a vast array of fabric covers or ticking as it is described by bed manufacturers. The ticking used in mattresses, whilst many are attractive in design can provide many other benefits. Mattress ticking is available with a range of useful features including anti-bacterial and anti-allergy/anti-dust mite properties, many are water and stain resistant in addition to being naturally fire retardant. At the higher end of the mattress market, high quality viscose or cotton yarns are used while bonded or stitchbond and cheaper knits fabric can be found in value for money mattress ranges. For additional hygiene qualities, some bed manufacturers such as Myer’s have integrated features such as Silverdry, a unique anti-bacterial technology into the cover of some of its mattresses to keep them fresh and clean.

Micro Quilt Fabrics

Micro Quilt Fabrics are the most common finish on mattresses today, they are traditionally a mix of cotton and polyester with a foam base layer. This is machine stitched for added stability in a range of styles. A good quality quilted mattress will add a luxurious feel to your mattress, promoting better quality sleep. Duvet Quilting, a more advanced version of the Micro Quilt uses a special Tack n' Jump quilting machine which produces smooth pillow soft areas not unlike the effects of tufting.


Knitted Stretch Fabrics

Knitted Stretch Fabrics are generally used in partnership with Memory Foam. The give in this fabric reacts with the pressures and forces on the mattress for added comfort across the mattress. For those that require a firmer mattress the Slumber Night Vitality Divan with its soft touch Aloë-Vera treated stretch ticking is an excellent choice. Meanwhile some King Koil Memory Foam Mattresses with a Knitted Stretch Fabric have been infused with Lavender for a soothing slumber.

Tufted Fabrics

Tufted Fabric

Tufted Mattresses have a nylon tape which is passed through the mattress at regular intervals and secured at each side by fabric based washers. This pre-tensions the mattress to give a firmer feel. The result is a mattress surface with an undulating relief. Tufted Mattresses are used through the price bands of all major manufacturers.

Deep Fill Tufted Fabrics

Deep Fill Tufted Fabric

Deep Fill Tufted Mattresses are generaly only available on higher specification beds within our various ranges. This type of fabric produces a deep down support and a softer upper comfort. Although more expensive, a deep fill or standard tufted mattress provides a substantial level of additional comfort and support, over an average 7 year life the extra cost is incredibly marginal.

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