Types Of Bed Bases

Types Of Bed Base

Sleep, beautiful sleep. Getting a good night’s sleep is essential to our wellbeing and health. Considering the average lifespan of a bed is seven years, buying a suitable bed base with your new mattress is an important but less stressful decision than choosing your mattress.

Bed Base Top Tip

When shopping for a new bed it’s important that your base and mattress complement one another. For example some mattresses are designed only to be used with a bedstead. Many manufacturers today pair up their mattresses with matching bed bases to form a complete divan bed (there may in some instances be a choice of matching bed bases). Specialist motorised and guest beds are designed to be used in combination with the correct mattresses from their range and manufacturer. Your choice of bed base may be determined by your bedroom size, layout, storage needs or simply your choice of bedroom design and style. Below we lay out exactly what you need to know in order to choose the right bed base for your needs. If you do need any more information please contact us at Dalzells for expert advice.

The Main Bed Base Types

Sprung Edge BaseThere are four main types of bed base: Divan Bases, Bed Frames (Bedsteads), Adjustable Beds and Guest Beds.

Divan Bases

The UK’s most popular choice are Divans Bases which are available in three main types: Sprung Edge, Solid or Platform Top and Firm Edge divans.

Sprung Edge Divan Bases are considered to be the most luxurious with either open coil or pocket spring systems they provide added support across the whole mattress, sprung edge divans are frame mounted offering exceptional durability.

An excellent value for money option is the Solid or Platform Top Divan Base which offers firmer support, indeed some mattresses should only be used with Solid Bases for the mattress to function as intended.

Firm Edge Divan Bases are much less popular now but they incorporate a rigid edge and sprung centre and are usually only manufactured for single beds.

With many divans offering under-bed storage these can be an ideal solution for storing seasonal bedding or clothes in smaller bedrooms where you may be tight for space. With a range of storage options including drawer storage, slider storage and ottoman style divans; under bed storage is a must for modern family living.

Types Of Divan Bed Base Storage

*When buying a new divan look for the blue and white FR label. Beds sold in the UK must meet 1988 fire safety regulations. These standards ensure that your bed and mattress have combustion modified foam interiors in addition to the correct level of springs, fillings and covers are flame resistant. Cheaper foreign imports available from less reputable retailers should be checked exhaustively. 

Bed frames

A stylish bed frame can provide the ultimate statement in your bedroom and accentuate your bedroom furniture. A well designed, stylish bed frame can provide a contemporary or traditional feel to your bedroom. Available in a wooden slatted base or wire mesh it’s recommended that you choose the correct mattress for this type of base as different manufacturers have been known to make the slats to suit their own mattreses. With a choice of modern or traditional designs including metal, wood, plastic or upholstered; a good quality bed frame can instantly add glamour to any bedroom.

Adjustable beds 

Motorised Beds

The flexibility of an adjustable bed has become a popular option of late for those with health or mobility issues, allowing for increased flexibility, independence and comfort. With a wide range of single and double bed models available, adjustable beds are produced in traditional divan base or modern bed frame options. Some models are even available with dual remote controls for independent operation on both sides of a double bed. Please contact us for further details on our range of adjustable and motorised divan beds.

Guest beds 

Guest BedsWhether you have a spare bedroom or you occassionally require the use of a guest bed, folding and guest beds offer superb flexibility when you have guests staying. Folding out beds can make best use of small spaces and with many guest beds offering extra storage, they are an ideal choice for smaller bedrooms. For children, bunk beds are also a great value for money option for shared bedrooms. Kids' friends staying over on sleepovers? No problem. Guest and bunk beds maximise your bedroom space and provide a fun place for the children to play.

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