When it comes to relaxing in the evening nothing quite compares to a recliner chair. Previously used solely for health reasons, recliner chairs have developed through the years, thanks in part to innovate design and new technologies, to become a popular addition in most living rooms.

Types of Recliners

Offering unparalleled comfort and support when sitting, recliners come in a range of finishes. From luxury upholstery fabrics to genuine leather and faux leather designs, the three main types of Recliner Chair are manual, powered and lift & rise recliners. Available in a range of sizes from petite models, through to standard and large chairs, manual recliners are one of the most popular types of reclining chairs.

Manual Recliners

Allowing a number of recline positions to be reached with only the slightest of body weight movements, handle operated or manual recliners have no cabling so can be positioned anywhere in your home and usually come with a handle or catch release. Balmoral Venice Leather Manual Recliner

The Balmoral Venice Leather Manual Recliner is a Contemporary Handle Operated Recliner Chair boasting Soft Padded Arm Rests and a Pillowed Back. Finished in a Plush Bonded Nut Brown Leather, the chair is reclined into the desired position by a Handle Action – this enables the Footrest to Rise for the ultimate in reclining comfort – and it Measures (mm): 1040(w) x 940(d) x 990(h).

Powered Recliners

Powered recliners generally come with a handset or a two-button switch conveniently fitted to the outside arm to allow you to reach your desired recline position. Receiving their power from an electrical outlet, some electric recliners come with the option of a rechargeable battery pack to accommodate power outages.

Royams Preston Powered Retainer Chair

The Royams Preston Powered Retainer Chair features Plain Back Wing Styling with Reversible Seat Cushions, and is designed to Ease You Up from a Lowered Semi-reclined Position to a Sitting Position only. Available with 3 Styles of Upholstery Arm: Standard, Deluxe & Luxury, the Standard Upholstery Arm features open sides with polished arm, whereas the Deluxe Upholstery Arm has filled in sides with polished arms, and the Luxury Upholstery Arm comes with filled in sides with upholstered arms.

Lift & Rise Recliners

Lift & Rise Recliners, or Lift & Tilt, or Electric Recliners as they’re also known, are designed with Full Powerlift Facility to assist sufferers of arthritis, rheumatism, MS, poor circulation and many other mobility restrictions. Many designs offer the choice of single motor or dual motor mechanism. Dual motor recliners allow you to control the backrest and footrest independently, whereas single motor mechanisms work the back and foot rests together.


The Sherborne 7452 Comfi-sit Standard Dual Motor Leather Lift & Rise Recliner offers Luxurious Comfort.This Popular Electric Recliner features Full Chaise Seating and a Soft, Comfortable Back Design and is also available in Small and Royale Sizes. The Backrest and Footrest can be eased into position independently to reach any desired recline position including a Near-horizontal Full Sleeping Position. The ‘intelligent’ fifth button can then easily return both the backrest and the footrest together to the Sitting Position.

Royams Donna Riser Recliner Chair - Which? Best Buy 2014

Recently, Lancashire based Royams won the prestigious Which? accolade for Best Buy Riser Recliner 2014 in their awards. The coveted title was won after stringent independent testing and against fierce opposition from other leading Recliner Chair manufacturers including Sherborne Upholstery.

The Royams Donna Riser Recliner won the award having topped the scores in all the tested areas which included; Comfort, feeling secure, ease of use, speed of operation and back-up battery capacity. In addition to this award Royams Recliners have also been assessed as the ‘Safest Chair on the market’ by the UK Cabinet Makers Magazine having attained British Standard BS8474 by way Royams patented Protexa advanced safety system.

What to do next

At Dalzell’s we retail an extensive selection of manual, powered and lift & rise recliner chairs from leading brands Sherborne Upholstery, Royams, Sweet Dreams and Balmoral (Moffet & Sons Ltd.). What’s more, if a recliner chair has been recommended to you or a family member for health reasons, and you live in Northern Ireland, request a letter from your Doctor and we’ll Zero Rate The Vat on your purchase! Yes, you will not need to pay the 20% VAT! If you live in the rest of Ireland and you’re in the market for a new upholstered or leather Adjustable Chair, don’t worry, as we love to strike a deal. And with Free Delivery throughout our Free Delivery Zone – Northern Ireland and Counties Monaghan, Louth and Dublin- there’s never been a better time to invest in a new recliner. Simply Call or Email us for further information and prices if you can’t make it to our showroom in Markethill.