Mattress Size Conversion

The Furniture Industry Research Association (FIRA) found that beds that were just six years old were less comfortable than a new one. With the Sleep Council now recommending that we change our beds every seven years, it’s worth taking the time to consider the various bed and mattress options available to you. Ultimately our beds should provide us with the correct posture support and comfort level ensuring that we get a restful night’s sleep. With an extensive range of beds and mattresses from some of the top bed manufacturers in UK and Ireland, Armagh and Dalzells of Markethill want to make sure that you spend your money wisely to get the best bed and mattress that you can afford.

Bed sizes
It’s worth noting that bed sizes are not standardised and even if they are described as Double, King Size of Super King Size beds, variations may occur depending on which bed manufacturer makes your bed and mattress. Consider too that beds and mattresses are engineered to complement each other. It may be a false economy just buying a mattress only to find later that it doesn’t fit your chosen divan or bedframe. The correct mattress for your chosen bed base will ultimately provide you with the right amount of support and comfort level.
Typically though, beds and mattresses are available in the following sizes.

Name Imperial Size Metric Size
Small single 2'6" x 6'3" 75 x 190cm
Single 3' x 6'3" 90 x 190cm
Small Double 4' x 6'3" 120 x 190cm
Double 4'6" x 6'3" 135 x 190cm
King Size 5' x 6'6" 150 x 200cm
Super King Size 6' x 6'6" 180 200cm

*Metric and imperial dimensions are not exact equivalents
Before buying your new bed also check the space you have in your bedroom for positioning it and the access you have to your room including doors, hallways, stairs and corners. At Dalzell’s of Markethill our expert staff are happy to advise you on access and delivery arrangements before you buy, making the transition of your new bed and mattress a stress free one.

Types of beds
Before you make your new bed purchase it’s useful to consider what style of bed you would like. The two main types of bed are divans and bedframes, also known as bedsteads. A popular option is the divan. A divan bed provides a base for the mattress and can come with additional storage built in with a range of side drawer and open top storage options. Available in four main types of upholstered base including sprung edge divans, solid or platform top divans, firm edge divans and storage divans, the divan bed will suit most bedrooms. The divan bed with its choice of drawer storage, slider storage and ottoman storage is an ideal solution if you’re tight for space or have a smaller bedroom. Usually sold separately, a headboard will give the finishing touch to your divan, easily slotting into place and available in a range of colours and finishes including faux-suede, faux-leather, wood, metal and chrome.

For those that prefer a statement piece the bedframe is a great alternative. Wooden slats are used in the bedframe to support the mattress and are available in either rigid slats or flexible sprung slats. With a vast array of designs in the marketplace a bedframe can include top quality oak finishes through to metal, plastic or finished in luxurious upholstered fabrics.

Types of mattresses
Designed to work with your new bed, mattresses too are available in small single, single, double, small double, king size and super king size. Mattresses come in a range of different options and its worth considering not just the look of your mattress but also the quality of comfort and support it will provide you. The current types of mattresses currently retailing include Pocket Sprung, Open Coil, Continuous Spring and non-sprung mattresses such as memory foam mattresses, futons and flotation beds.

As a leading retailer of quality beds and mattresses Armagh and Dalzells of Markethill stock an extensive range of beds and bedroom furniture from leading manufacturers such as Respa, Kaymed, Dunlopillo, SleepRight, and Dorlux.

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