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Spring Air by Briody SleepSense Gel Visco 6' Mattress

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6' Open Coil Mattresses Belfast Northern Ireland

Notable Products 

Having retained its popularity through the years, open coil mattresses are one of the most enduring and durable mattress choices today. An inexpensive option, 6' coil spring mattresses are used widely by bed manufacturers throughout the world with the most widely used type being the Bonnell spring.

Constructed from springs that have been arranged in rows connected to each other via a spiral helical wire, super king size open coil spring mattresses are strengthened and held in tension through an outer perimeter rod. This process not only helps the mattress retain its shape but it is extremely durable.

The number of springs used varies, but a typical 6’ mattress may contain more than 300; more for higher quality models. The gauge, or thickness, determines the level of support offered by a coil spring mattress with a 12.5g providing firm support. 

The Myers Saturn Flexistore 6' Mattress is a single spring mattress offering firmer support. Featuring layers of rich white fibre for added support, this mattress has integral cotton felt tufts for extra stability, and includes anti-bacterial Silverdry technology to keep it clean and fresh.

A similar product is the continuous spring mattress. Incorporating smaller coils and with lighter gauge wires, these 6' mattresses are usually formed from a single length of wire linked vertically as opposed to horizontally. 

The Sweet Dreams Percussion 6' Mattress is a firm feel, open spring mattress featuring a 12.5 gauge spring unit and firm fibre fillings. Traditionally hand tufted, this open spring mattress is finished with a stylish a viscose check cover.

6' Open Coil Mattresses Dublin Ireland

Additional Information 

Considered a great entry level sleep product, open coil and continuous springs 6' mattresses are a good, affordable option for anyone on a budget. Of course, when you buy your new super king size open spring mattress at Dalzell's you'll make even more savings with our Free Pillows, Free Delivery and Free Recycling Service across Northern Ireland and Counties Louth, Monaghan and Dublin. So whether you're based in Enniskillen or Newry, we’ll Remove & Dispose of Packaging and place your new open coil mattress in a room of your choice. With additional discounts for Multibuy, and our Price Promise, you can be sure you're getting a great deal because we appreciate your business! Call, Email or Visit Us In-store. Competitive delivery rates throughout the rest of Ireland.

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