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Considered one of the most popular entry level beds is the open coil spring model. Ideal for children and for those that require a good quality inexpensive spring interior bed, 3’ coil spring beds are a good starter option. Somewhat different, a Continuous Spring bed involves smaller coils and the gauge of wires is usually lighter. This higher spring count is usually formed from a single length of wire and the bed springs are linked vertically as opposed to horizontally.

Also referred to as Bonnell Spring, open coil spring beds are arranged in rows connected to each other via a spiral helical wire. These are strengthened and held in tension through an outer perimeter rod which also helps to retain its shape. 

The number of springs used in an open coil bed varies, but a typical 5’ bed contains in the region of 325, or more for higher quality beds. The level of support offered by an Open Coil bed is also dependent on the gauge (thickness) of the wire with 12.5 providing firm support.

Slumber Night, Sweet Dreams, Myers and Respa Beds have over the years produced some of the most robust and great value for money open coil 3’ beds on the market. The Slumber Night Crown 3' Divan Bed offers medium firmness, representing the perfect mix of comfort and support. Featuring a 13½ Gauge Bonnell Open Coil Spring System, this Micro Quilted Bed has an attractive laminated ticking to create a softer feel.

The Sweet Dreams Harp 3' Divan Bed is a 12.5 gauge open spring bed with a luxury high loft mattress top. The mattress is 26cm deep and is finished with a micro-quilted Damask cover, side stitch effect border and has four handles and two vents. Available with a choice of drawer storage options, this firm divan also comes as an ottoman storage bed.

The Myers Stature 3' Divan Bed is a Firm Response open coil spring bed providing twice the comfort and support of a standard single spring divan. With its thick layer of responsive memory foam for pressure relieving comfort, this model is edge supported by heavy gauge wire for extra support and comes with a shallow base.

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