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Bamboo Pillows Belfast Northern Ireland

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Helping to significantly reduce any neck, back or shoulder pain experienced when sleeping, pillows are available in many different types and sizes. The two main types of pillow fillings are natural and synthetic although many bedding brands now combine a range of fillings to offer different levels of support.

A great example of this is the memory foam and bamboo pillow. Memory foam contours your head and neck to gently ease pressure helping to improve sleeping posture whereas bamboo is naturally soft and offers great moisture absorption resulting in a naturally anti-bacterial sleep surface. 

Bamboo Pillows Dublin Ireland

Additional Information 

Retailing leading pillow brands King Koil, Kaymed, Pownall & Hampson and Dunlopillo Latex Pillows, Dalzell's of Markethill have a great selection of pillows and pillow protectors in store and online. What's more, we also provide free delivery across Northern Ireland and Dublin, Monaghan and Louth (daily services to Belfast and Dublin).

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