Types Of Mattress Filling

Types Of Mattress Filling

Considering the average person loses half a pint of fluid each night and sheds a pound of dead skin cells over the course of a year, it’s essential that we replace our mattress once it has reached the end of its lifecycle. The Sleep Council now suggests that a bed’s lifespan is seven years. The Medical Entomology Centre in Cambridge found that just two micrograms per gram (mcg/g) of dust mite allergen can cause hypersensitivity in asthma sufferers. A good quality mattress, with a durable and resilient filling, will help absorb body moisture and provide you with a fresh, dry and healthy bed to sleep in.

Natural Mattress Fillings 

Wool Mattress Filling

Fillings differ with the type of mattress you choose. Interior sprung mattresses use a range of fillings to meet a variety of comfort, health and price concerns. Mattress Filllings are chosen to meet a range of concerns including resilience, flexibility, durability and on their ability to absorb moisture. Some of the most popular natural fillings include cotton, wool, hair and coir fibre. For added luxury silk, cashmere and mohair fillings are used in a range of quality beds. Non-sprung mattresses such as foam, flotation beds and futons also use a variety of fillings. Most foam mattresses are predominantly found in slatted bases and adjustable beds. Most fillings are added as compacted pads although some premium manufacturers add layers of loose fillings in greater quantities.

Cotton is often found at the surface of an interior sprung filled mattress promoting a softer feel and providing excellent absorption and breathable qualities.

Wool also known for its breathable and natural fibres adds a luxurious feel to the mattress with good fire retardancy properties.

Coir Fibre, which is usually applied in pads and is derived from the Coconut, is usually applied close to the springs for added insulation and to prevent penetration.

Silk, Cashmere and Mohair are often added to premium mattresses in larger loose layers before being compacted for added luxury.

It’s worth remembering that the majority of interior sprung mattresses will need turning regularly to maximise their lifespan. Dips and uneven sleeping surfaces can occur as the body compresses natural fibres in a mattress. If turning a heavy mattress is difficult you may want to consider buying a one-sided 'no-turn' mattress. 

Synthetic Mattress Fillings Talalay Latex Mattress Filling

The three main types of non-sprung mattress include, foam, flotation beds and futons. Providing different levels of comfort and support, foam mattresses vary in their density and depth. Foam mattresses include Talalay Latex, Polyester, Visco elastic which is also known as Memory Foam, and Polyurethane. Synthetic Mattress Fillings offer many benefits to those with allergies and respiratory complaints due to their anti-microbial properties. Premium foam fillings can also be used in conjunction with the latest climate control technologies for added comfort.

Talalay Latex mattresses are a premium material which is derived from the rubber tree and is renowned for its pressure point support qualities and natural elasticity, latex mattresses recovers their shape instantly.

Memory Foam Mattress Filling

Memory Foam mattress fillings, also known as Visco Elastic Foam fillings gently mould to the body’s contours to provide good pressure point qualities. Responding to the body’s temperature and weight, a memory foam mattress comes in a range of densities.

Polyurethane filling is known for its versatility and excellent value for money and is a petroleum-based foam filling.

Polyester is an entry level synthetic filling with excellent recovery properties.

Remember that with time your mattress filling will settle and compress, this is a natural process and what will make your mattress truly yours as it takes your shape. This may be more noticeable in premium mattresses that contain more filling.

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