The Importance Of Good Bedding

The Importance Of Good Bedding

Sinking into a comfortable, fresh and clean bed with the right bedding can make all the difference to getting a good night’s sleep. From our choice of seasonal duvets and mattress toppers through to achieving the correct pillow support, these bedding essentials help us enjoy relaxing sleep. At Armagh and Dalzells of Markethill we retail an extensive collection of bedding including duvets in a range of sizes and togs, mattress protectors, pillow protectors and pillows.


Perhaps you want to achieve the boutique style hotel look with several duvets and pillows layered for a stylish and chic effect.

Duvet Sizes

Choosing the correct duvet for your bed size and choice of bed linen is an important decision. Maybe you or your partner struggle to keep warm with one or other taking control of the duvet – a duvet one size up may be the ideal solution to keeping you both cosy at night. Children may prefer a lighter weight single bed duvet or quilt to show off their favourite TV character bed linen. At Dalzells we stock a comprehensive range of 3' single duvets, 4' small double duvets, 4'6" double duvets, 5' kings size duvets and 6' super king size duvets.

Duvet Types

Duvets vary in their softness, warmth and weight with some allowing for seasonal adjustments and personal choice. A duvet’s warmth is rated by its tog rating and can extend from a lightweight summer version of between 3.0 - 4.5 tog through to a warmer, cosier autumn or winter duvet with a tog rating of between 9 and 13.5. Seasonal duvets are increasingly popular as they can be quickly adjusted to seasonal variations in temperature, this added fexibility is a hit with many at present.

Duvet Fillings 


Natural Fillings
The majority of naturally filled duvets are made from duck feathers and down, goose down, or a combination of both. What you’ll notice about natural duvets is how soft, lightweight and comfortable they feel. This allows your skin to breathe better, natural-filled duvets tend to be more durable and generally last longer than synthetic duvets. Forming air pockets within the fabric casing, goose and duck down duvets offer the same level of natural warmth. Some allergy sufferers however may prefer a synthetic duvet which offer a good practical quality alternative. Maintenance wise it's better to take a natural duvet for dry cleaning or better still leave it out to air on a good day for a delightful freshness.

Synthetic Fillings
Giving as much warmth as a natural feather filled duvet, synthetic duvets are normally made from polyester or polyester microfibre. Non-allergenic in nature, synthetic duvets are a great choice for allergy sufferers or for people who require their duvet to be washed regularly. A number of synthetic duvets are now treated with antimicrobial and antibacterial chemicals to reduce allergic reactions to dust mites. Synthetic duvets are designed in such a way as to provide as much comfort as a natural filled duvet.

Mattress Toppers and Bedding Protectors 

Mattress And PillowProtection

To get the best from your mattress and pillow it’s worth considering investing in good quality mattress and pillow protectors. Designed to protect your mattress and pillow against soiling and general wear and tear, mattress and pillow protectors will also keep your bedding and bed fresher and cleaner for longer. For added comfort and support a mattress topper provides for an added level of cosy support to your bed, some new beds include a mattress topper as standard. Available in a range of materials, mattress toppers can be made from polyester fibre, visco-elastic, latex or even feathers.


Pillow Types

Knowing what type of pillow suits your sleeping position is as important as choosing your preferred mattress tension and support. Although not designed to have the same lifespan or durability as a mattress, a good quality, comfortable pillow can significantly reduce any neck, back or shoulder pain experienced when sleeping. It is recommended that back sleepers choose a medium-firm pillow. For those that sleep on their side, a thicker pillow or two pillows is recommended for extra neck support and a softer option for front sleepers. 

Whilst many pillows are fully washable it is advisable to replace your pillows every two years. Pillows that have become lumpy or discoloured will no longer provide proper support and could contain high levels of dust mites and skin; a nuisance for allergy sufferers. 

Pillow Fillings 

Similar to mattresses, pillows have both natural and synthetic fillings. From hollow fibre pillows through to luxury memory foam, your pillow choice should ensure you get a comfortable night’s sleep. Synthetic pillows can be made from visco-elastic, polyurethane foam, latex or fibre-filled; and any combination of these. Synthetic pillows containing latex foam are an excellent choice for asthma sufferers as they don’t gather dust. For those that experience aches and pains whilst they sleep, the King Koil Memory Fill pillow, made from quality visco elastic has been designed to help relieve pressure on the head and neck ensuring the best sleeping position possible.

Natural filled pillows containing either Goose down, Duck down or a complement of both can provide the correct amount of support. The more down or feathers contained in the pillow, the firmer it tends to be. As with your mattress it’s recommended that you consider a good quality pillow protector to keep your pillows in optimum condition and ultimately fresh and clean to the touch.

What To Do Now...

As a stockist of some of the leading bedding brands that include Dunlopillo, Bedroom Couture, Pownall & HampsonProtect-A-Bed and King Koil Pillows, Armagh and Dalzells of Markethill have an extensive range of duvets, mattress protectors, pillow protectors and pillows available in store and online to meet almost every requirement.

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