The History Of Beds

The History Of Beds

When we consider the choice and range of beds available to us now it’s hard to imagine how beds have transformed over the centuries to what we know today. With an extensive choice of divan beds, bed frames and mattress options available, beds have come a long way from their humble origins.

Ancient Beds

Tutankhamun's Bed - Cairo Museum

In the ancient world beds were more likely to be a simple base of straw or other natural material upon which people slept. The concept of a raised bed, to avoid pests, drafts and dirt was found around 3200 BC and 2200 BC and consisted of a raised box with filling for comfort; somewhat similar to the function of mattresses today; although unlikely to be as comfortable. Indeed in Egyptian times, platform or raised beds which were ascended by a staircase of some type had similar qualities to bedsteads of modern times; made with wooden surrounds and lavished with cushions or pillows and elaborate fabrics for decorative purposes.

Medieval Beds

Medieval Bed

The concept of larger bed sizes was evident in the 15th century, with many reaching to 7 or 8 feet by 6 or 7 feet. Filled with straw or feathers, these beds, broadly equivalent to our Super King Size modern day beds, were warmer due to their down-filled nature. With the “century of magnificent beds”, as it has become known, the 17th century bed design became more elaborate in its nature with beds adorned with lavish jewels and ornamental finishings. Iron beds and four poster beds with their cotton covers were prevalent in the 18th century, remaining popular as statement pieces in our bedrooms for added grandeur.

Victorian Beds

Victorian Bed

As early as 1865 the first coil spring construction for bedding was patented, the initial step towards the modern day spring interior bed. In the 1940s the futon was introduced to the European market with foam interior mattresses and pillows appearing in the 1950s. As early as the 1960s the waterbed was a popular consumer choice and adjustable beds started to be retailed extensively. For a value for money option, airbeds made their way in to the marketplace in the 1980s and are still used today as a guest bed or outdoor/camping bed.

Modern Beds

Modern Bed

The 2000s is when we witnessed the most significant and rapid developments in the bed and mattress market. With a choice of visco-elastic foam and latex. Meanwhile memory foam, originally developed for NASA and the US space program has become an extremely sought after consumer purchase. What has remained a constant over the centuries though is the quality and craftsmanship that goes into making our beds and mattresses.

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