Dunlopillo Bedding History

Acquired by the Hilding Anders Group in 2002, Dunlopillo enjoys its position as one of the leading European manufacturers of latex pillows. Dunlopillo latex, invented by Mr E A Murphy in 1929 and now used in Dunlopillo’s luxury latex pillows continues to be one the UK’s favourite bedding ranges.

The beauty of the Dunlopillo Latex Pillows is in their ability to retain its shape night after night. Its natural anti-microbial properties keep dust mites, bacteria and fungi at bay, a must for allergy sufferers or those with respiratory difficulties. Over the decades Dunlopillo has continued to innovate in developing its latex pillow range. The Dunlopillo Pillow Collection includes a choice of deep or slim pillows in its Classic Range; single zone climate control, as seen in its TempSmart™ covered pillows and slimline, compact pillows available through its 100% Dunlopillo Latex Specialist Pillows range. 

With the introduction of Dunlopillo’s TempSmart™ technology this highly innovative pillow cover and aerated interior will keep your pillow fresh and dry; responding to your body's temperature as you sleep. 

Dunlopillo Super Comfort Latex Pillow


Dunlopillo Pillows is a member of the National Bed Federation and The National Sleep Council


All Dunlopillo pillows come with a five year guarantee

Notable products

What strikes you about the Dunlopillo Pillow range is its ability to provide you with the optimum temperature regulating sleep solution to meet your comfort needs. For those hot summer nights you no longer need to wake up feeling sticky with Dunopillo’s Single Zone Climate Control pillow range. Specially designed to improve air circulation and reduce humidity build up, the Dunlopillo Opulence and Dunlopillo Tranquility fully washable pillows adjust to your body's core temperature as you sleep. A particular favourite with customers at Dalzells Beds is the Dunlopillo Luxury Serene Pillow.

The Dunlopillo Classic range available in a deep and slim fill pillow come complete with removable, zipped and stretch knitted polyester covers.  The Dunlopillo Classic range includes the Dunlopillo Super Comfort Pillow, a firmer, deeper model. The Dunlopillo Serenity Deluxe is the perfect choice if you prefer a softer, slimmer pillow; ideal for those that sleep on their front or back. 

Equally popular for back or front sleepers is the Dunlopillo Slim Latex Pillow. Available with a soft, zipped, washable polyester cover, with its compact design the Dunlopillo Slim Pillow is perfect for taking on vacation. For the ultimate in neck and back support the Dunlopillo Kontur Pillow, with its curved profile, moulds to the contours of your upper body. Available in a choice of  two height depths of 9cm and 12cm, the Dunlopillo Kontur has a fully washable polyester cover. 

General information

Choosing the correct pillow is as important to getting a restful night's sleep as your choice of bed and mattress.  At Armaghbeds and Dalzell's of Markethill we want to ensure you have the confidence in knowing you have made the right choice of pillow. With an extensive collection of Dunlopillo Pillows in stock, visit us in-store at Dalzell's of Markethill or browse our collection online at Armagh


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