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Notable Waterproof Mattresses

For those of a certain age, using plastic sheets on the mattress does not conjure up good memories. Nowadays as bedding products and technologies have developed, many manufacturers have seen the need for good quality waterproof mattresses. Not just for younger children, waterproof mattresses are designed for anyone that experiences bed wetting problems.

Available in light or heavy incontinence designs, many waterproof mattresses offer 100% protection against leaks, soiling and are breathable; making them a much more comfortable option to the plastic sheets of old. Traditionally resilient and durable, mattresses designed for incontinence or occasional bed wetting are generally covered in a waterproof fabric.

Incontinence problems can affect anyone from young children to the elderly. With a selection of waterproof mattresses now available in a range of sizes, including single, small double and double, there is a model and make to suit everyone's needs.

The Respa Firmarest Waterproof Mattress collection is part of Respa's Essentials range of beds and mattresses. Traditionally resilient and durable, this mattress is covered in a waterproof fabric and available in 3', 4' and 4' 6" models.

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