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Available in a choice of fillings, three things to decide upon when choosing a king size duvet is its tog rating, your bed size and type of filling.

Duvets vary in their softness, level of warmth and weight. Its tog rating can extend from a lightweight summer version of between 3.0 - 4.5 tog through to a warmer, cosier feel 9 and 13.5tog. Some 5' duvets can be adjusted to seasonal temperature changes with detachable layers; these seasonal duvets are increasingly popular. 

Deciding on the size of duvet you need is generally based on the size of your bed with king size duvets made to fit the standard dimensions of your 5' bed. However, if you or your partner struggle to keep warm with one or other taking control of the duvet – changing from a 5' Duvet to a Super King Size Duvet may be the ideal solution to keeping you both cosy at night.

The majority of naturally filled 5' duvets are made from duck feathers and down, goose down, or a combination of both. The Bedroom Couture White Goose Feather & Down 5' Duvet is part of the Pownall & Hampson own brand collection of Luxury Duvets, Pillows and Mattress Protectors. Combining 85% White Goose Feather with 15% White Goose Down filling, this Luxurious king size duvet has a 100% Cotton Down Proof Cover with Casette Construction, Piped Edge.

Giving as much warmth as a natural feather filled duvet, king size synthetic duvets can incorporate a vast array of filling types including polyester or polyester microfibre, memory foam, gel, latex, or a combination thereof. If you or family member suffers from allergies the hypoallergenic qualities offered by this type of duvet make them an ideal bedding product.

The Bedroom Couture Polycotton Hollowfibre 5' Duvet features a Polycotton Cover and 100% Hollowfibre Filling and Machine Washable for added convenience.

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