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Thu, 2014-02-13 08:48
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Small double reinforced beds have been designed with the larger-build person in mind. Generally constructed from hard-wearing and durable innerspring interiors many of these beds incorporate resilient, supportive and durable fillings to extend their lifespan. 

Throughout the UK and Ireland, the population is generally becoming a little larger than we were. Having a bed that provides the correct amount of support and comfort for the larger person has been at the forefront of bed developers in the last number of years. 

Available in a range of sizes, including 4' models, reinforced beds come in a range of different tensions, including a firm support option and softer feel medium support beds, there is a bed to suit personal preferences.

Respa is a prominent bed manufacturer who has introduced heavy duty beds into its collection. This includes Respa's Extreme Support 4' Divan Bed 

The Respa Extreme Support Small Double Reinforced Bed combines a 12 gauge RespaTech spring system - the most supportive spring system - with extra firm filling layers for an orthopaedic feel. This heavy duty bed is upholstered in a rich Belgian soft touch knit fabric and is complete with a platform top base with a non-spring top panel for a firm, orthopaedic feel. 


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4' Reinforced Divan Beds Belfast Northern Ireland

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