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Thu, 2014-02-20 03:41
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A stylish 4' leather bed frame adds a luxurious touch to your bedroom décor. A timeless classic, the small double leather bedstead comes in a range of colours, finishes and designs to meet different design tastes.

The two main types of leather beds are genuine leather and faux leather models. Genuine leather beds are a premier product made from animal skin or hide.

The beauty of genuine leather is how it can be treated to produce different colours, textures and finishes. Extremely durable a 4' leather bed is a sound investment and will last for years if it is cared for properly.

The Sweet Dreams Cher 4' Leather Bed is a luscious leather-look bed frame available in four sizes - single, small double, double and king size - and comes with a slatted base, front-opening ottoman storage and finished in black or brown. 

Small double 4' Faux leather or PU leather beds are an inexpensive alternative. A practical solution for many bedrooms 4' faux leather bed frames are a durable, sturdy and stylish addition to any bedroom.

The Balmoral Trend 4' Bed combines a silver metal finish and faux leather to create a modern bed frame that would suit any bedroom within the home.


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4' Leather Bed Frames Belfast Northern Ireland

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