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The Best Way To Organise Your Bedroom

Sinking into a lovely freshly laundered bed at the end of a long day is the stuff of dreams. And while it’s not always possible to have fresh bed linen every day, having a calm and relaxing bedroom to sleep in at night should be part of our bedtime routine.

We’re all guilty of having stuff piled high on our bedside cabinets, not to mention the dreaded chair with half the contents of the wardrobe piled on top! Organising our bedrooms to be a clutter-free zone should be on all our lists of things to do

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How to Prepare for Holiday Guests

Guest Beds at Dalzells

With the summer holidays now in full swing, many of us have visitors coming to stay. Of course, guests coming to visit also means we will be wondering how we are going to accommodate them.

At Dalzell’s, we like to take the stress out of welcoming your visitors. With a wide range of guest beds, folding beds, sofa beds and storage beds in-store, we’ll make sure you don’t lose sleep over where everyone else is going to sleep this holiday!

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Storage Solutions for a Small Bedroom

Storage Solutions for Small Bedrooms

They say you can never have too much storage. How right ‘they’ are! For anyone with a small bedroom finding space to store away clothes, bed linen and, where kids are concerned, toys, can seem like a constant battle.

Bed manufacturers have cottoned on to this problem by coming up with some innovative ways to making your bed work for its money. By incorporating drawers, ottoman-style storage and hidden compartments within the bed frame, storage beds free up valuable space in the bedroom.

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