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11 Spring Cleaning Hacks For The Bedroom

With the clocks going forward in a couple of weeks and spring in the air, now’s the time to give your bedroom a good thorough deep clean to keep it fresh, hygienic and help breathe new life into your room.

People often ask how often should you clean your bedroom and change the bedsheets?

Obviously, it’s entirely up to you but you should aim to change your bed linen once a week and give the room a good dust every fortnight.

Giving your bedroom a good deep clean though takes time, so once or twice a month will help keep dust mites at bay and keep your bed and room smelling fresher and clean.

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How To Choose The Right Pillow

how to choose the right pillow

Often overlooked as the reason for waking up with aches and pains, your pillow could be the reason for a disturbed and uncomfortable night’s sleep.

A pillow that has become lumpy, discoloured or is old will no longer provide proper support and can often be the cause of sleepless nights.

As important as your mattress, good quality and comfortable pillows can significantly reduce any neck, back or shoulder pain experienced when sleeping.

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Seven Festive Tips to Prepare for Christmas Guests

Tips for Preparing for Christmas Guests

As Christmas approaches, many of us are busy preparing our homes for the festive season. From decorating the tree to organising the Christmas shop, the added pressure of holiday guests coming to stay can sometimes leave us a little overwhelmed.

To help take the stress out of the holiday season this year, we’ve prepared the following tips to make sure you don’t lose sleep over where everyone else is going to sleep this Christmas!

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King Koil Extended Life Beds at Dalzells

7 Tips to Ease Back Pain When Sleeping

This Back Care Awareness Week we’re reminded that approximately four out of every five adults will experience back pain at some stage in their life.

Whilst there are many physical and psycho-social factors that contribute to back pain – heavy physical work, frequent bending, twisting, lifting, obesity, stress, anxiety and depression – it’s worth remembering that a good supportive bed has an important role to play in relieving back pain.

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Essential Uni Starter Kit

Student Bedding Essentials

The wait is over and the results are in. The months (and years) of hard work and studying round the clock are a distant memory, albeit temporarily.

For those of you with children off to college and university, new beginnings and broader horizons await. And, of course, the day will arrive too when they’ll be leaving the family home behind.

As a local family business, we know that every penny counts when getting the kids university ready. Yes, we’ve been there and done that!

So, where do you start?  Never fear, at Dalzells we’ve put together our essential university bedding starter kit to help you on your way.

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How to Prepare for Holiday Guests

Guest Beds at Dalzells

With the summer holidays now in full swing, many of us have visitors coming to stay. Of course, guests coming to visit also means we will be wondering how we are going to accommodate them.

At Dalzell’s, we like to take the stress out of welcoming your visitors. With a wide range of guest beds, folding beds, sofa beds and storage beds in-store, we’ll make sure you don’t lose sleep over where everyone else is going to sleep this holiday!

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What Your Sleep Position Says About You

Have you ever wondered what your sleep position says about you?  It may come as a surprise, but sleep researchers have been studying sleep positions for years and have found a correlation between sleep position and personality.

Sleep Positions

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Free Pillow Set Promotion – With Any Divan Bed Or Mattress!

Free Pillow Set Promotion - With Any Divan Bed Or Mattress

Free Pillows Promotion!

Purchase Any Divan Bed Or Mattress from us at Dalzells until further notice and you’ll receive a complimentary set of Pownall & Hampson Bedroom Couture Pillows!

This is in addition to:

  • Free delivery throughout Northern Ireland and Counties Dublin, Louth and Monaghan
  • Free old Divan Bed/Mattress Collection & Recycling
  • Free unpacking and assembly of your new Divan Bed or Mattress

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The Ultimate Football Fan Gift List


The Ultimate Football Fan Gift List

With the World Cup looming ,and Father’s Day fast approaching, you may find yourself stuck for gift ideas, but don’t panic, we’ve got you covered!

Hard to escape, football fever is taking over especially if you live in a house with footie fans. Short of planning an extended break away, why not go all out and indulge their football passion with a few choice buys. Who knows, you might even get control of the remote once or twice in the coming weeks!

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7 Tips to Spring Clean Your Bed

Is Your Bed Up To Scratch?

Now that spring has finally sprung many of us our turning our minds to cleaning the home. Our bedrooms in particular need a good deep down clean at this time of year. From freshening up our bed linen to airing the mattress there are lots of ways to breathe new life into the bedroom.

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