Adjustable Beds

How To Get Your Home Ready After A Hospital Stay

If you are about to be discharged from the hospital, your home must be prepared for return. Patients returning home from hospital may need special adaptations to their home or assistance with their basic needs.

Getting your home ready after surgery will mean you’ve one less thing to worry about so you can concentrate on getting better. We’ve set out below some of the things you need to consider.

Time for An Adjustable Bed?

An electric adjustable bed is ideal for anyone who has recently had surgery and requires assistance with their health or mobility needs. Electric beds provide support for getting in and out of bed, turning in bed or help with moving while you sleep.

An electric bed not only meets your support needs, but it also provides unparalleled comfort. The smooth action of an adjustable bed allows you to position the bed to your exacting requirements. Offering body contouring support and spinal alignment, adjustable electric beds can help improve your sleeping position, meet your mobility needs, assist with breathing and offer independence.

Adjustable Beds Post Surgery

Home Care Safety Essentials

Before returning home from surgery, make a checklist of all the other things you need to consider. It’s best to ask for help to prepare your home after surgery. It’s important o make sure there aren’t any loose carpets or rugs that could cause falls. Stairs too can be a real hazard. If you have space and it works for you, consider having your bed moved downstairs. Or place your bed in a room where there is convenient access to a bathroom.

Other safety issues to look for are tripping hazards. Safely tack down electrical cords and cables. The same goes for any uneven floor surfaces or loose boards. These will need fixing or repaired before you return home. A well-lit home is essential too. You need to ensure you’ve good lighting for any nighttime trips to the toilet or when moving from one room to another.

Tripping hazards and stairs

Family and Friends Networks and Support

Of course, there are other practical ways in which you can get things ready before you leave the hospital. Ask family and friends to stock up the food cupboards and freezer with essentials. Organise a visiting rota so that you have company or someone to call on when you need shopping or help with something.

If you need particular adaptations to your home or specialist equipment installed, make sure you seek advice from expertly trained staff or organisations. Simple things like paying bills can also be forgotten. Write down a list of all bills and regular payments that need paying.

Family and Friends Networks and Support

Finally, communication is vital. Write down all the phone numbers you need if ever you have reason to call on someone during the night or day. Having a support network ready to help will give you added peace of mind. Coming home from the hospital after surgery shouldn’t be something to fear. With all your preparations in place, you can rest easy that all you have to concentrate on is getting better.

And one way of speeding up your recovery is by getting a good night’s sleep. An adjustable bed is just the ticket to kick start that much needed rest and recuperation.

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