Trick or Treat Too Tired to Sleep!

Sleep Tips for Children

Whether it’s too many sugary treats, or too spooked to sleep, some children will find it difficult to nod off this Halloween night.

So, to help all those parents who might be struggling with their children’s sleep, we’ve put together our top tips to turn a potentially frightful night into a dream-filled delight.

Sleep Tips for Children

  • Make sure you child is sleeping in a comfortable and supportive bed. If there are springs sticking up or dips in the bed, your child will find it difficult to get off to sleep.  It is generally recommended that a child’s bed and/or mattress is changed at significant growth periods. Depending on the child, this may require several bed changes over the years.
  • A near on impossible task this Halloween night, but do try and limit the amount of treats your little ones eat. Too many sugary foods and treats before bedtime can play havoc with sleep routines. Swap out the sugary bedtime drink and snack for one that is rich in tryptophan and carbohydrate, like cereal and milk.

Sleep Tips for Children

  • Stick to the bedtime routine.  Not easy to do with all those Halloween parties to attend but, where possible, aim to keep the same bedtime as you would on other nights. Read a bedtime storyplay some soothing background music, or simply place some family pictures beside the bed for that extra little bit of reassurance.
  • Children can be easily spooked by all the ghost & ghouls paraphernalia on Halloween night. It’s important therefore, that their bedroom is a place of relaxation and calm. Dim the lights and make sure the bedroom is not too hot or cold. Turn off all gadgets at least an hour before bedtime and remove any clothing hanging on the back of the door.
  • Finally, aim to wake your child up at the same time the following morning. Children need a regular and consistent bedtime and morning routine – they should be woken up gently, and aim to have breakfast within an hour of waking.

What to do next

If you are worried about your child’s sleep it may be helpful to talk to your Health Visitor or GP, or visit The Sleep Council’s website where they have lots of useful information of children’s sleep. As an accredited Sleep Council retailer, we take your concerns seriously and will provide you with the best advice on beds, mattresses and bedding to suit your particular circumstances. Browse online, Email, or simply Call us on T: 028 3755 1260 where our staff are on hand to answer and questions you may have. Our retail store is easily accessible too, just off the A28 between Armagh and Newry; 30 minutes from Lisburn, 45 from Belfast and an hour from Dublin. With Multi-Buy Discounts available why shop anywhere else? And of course when you buy a new bed from us we offer Free Delivery and Free Recycling of your old bed throughout Northern Ireland and Counties Monaghan, Louth and Dublin.